Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement at Coton Park, Rugby

Description of this historic site

Iron Age and Romano-British settlement activity was recorded during evaluation and subsequent excavation at Coton Park; some of it was well preserved by the DMV.

Notes about this historic site

1 Archaeological evaluation at Coton Park, Rugby carried out by Thames Valley Archaeological Services revealed Middle Bronze Age and Late Bronze/early Iron Age activity on the site. The evidence, however, was fairly sparse and consisted of two or three pits and a shallow ditch. Associated with these features were small quantities of pottery. There were no other features which could be dated with any degree of certainty to these periods.
2 Geophysical survey carried out.
3 The late Iron Age to Early Roman period sees the first recognisable intensive use of the landscape in this area. The Iron Age activity comprised a roundhouse set within a small sub-square enclosure, with a smaller circular enclosure to the immediate south. The Roman activity was comprised of two main elements. The first is represented by linear boundary ditches traced intermittenly across much of the site and defining at least two phases of small fields or paddocks. The second, concentrated on the southern and eastern areas, comprised a sequence of small rectangular and square enclosures.
45 Excavation Reports
6 Verbal communication

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