Excavation of Medieval Buildings at St Mary's College

Description of this historic site

Archaeological excavations at St Mary's College revealed Medieval structures including walls, pits, buildings and a well.

Notes about this historic site

2 The foundations of the College (PRN 1984) cut an earlier pathway. Running E-W under the college was a well-built wall, built with re-used stone and including architectural fragments of the 12th century. The Norman crypt of St Mary’s contains similar fragments and it is probable that those on the site found their way here during 14th century alterations and rebuilding. To the N of the college an area was opened up and revealed stone buildings and boundary walls dating from the 14th century. Rubbish pits underlay the foundations. A well filled in during the 15th century was excavated to 7m. To the S of the College a 13th century stone-lined pit and a row of undated post holes were found.
4 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 178.
5 Scheduling information.

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