Excavation of Poss Neolithic Pit Cluster - 'Site B'

Description of this historic site

A pit cluster was excavated and was found to be a series of stake holes and gullies. These are believed to represent one oval building and part of a rectangular building. The site may be Neolithic in date and is located 300m northwest of Bushey Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 1965: Excavation revealed storage pits of two types – perhaps Neolithic. Aerial photographs show an oval cluster of small pits, over twenty in number. On excavation the basic features were pits – round pits, long pits and two possible gullies. The excavator suggested that the stake holes and gullies represent one irregular oval building and part of a rectangular building. A worked bone and fragment of a quern were found in the area of the possible oval building. No direct dating evidence was found, but the excavators suggested a Neolithic date on the basis of the similarity of the pits and structures to other excavated Neolithic sites.
2 Aerial photograph.

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