Findspot - Mesolithic flint pick

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a flint pick dating to the Mesolithic period was found 400m north east of Nursery Wood.

Notes about this historic site

Find of a Mesolithic pick.

1 Thames pick found by Mr Rodgers, in tree stump hollow.
2 The pick was seen in Warwick Museum. It is of unpatinated flint and has been chipped from a pebble. Part of one side has broken away, probably during manufacture. It has no accession number. The pick was found in 1961 by Mr J Whitaker of 40 Clare Close, Lillington. It lay on the surface of freshly turned gravel. Mr Whitaker was able to point out the site of the find to within 1m.
3 In Warwick Museum.
4 Dating confirmed as Mesolithic.

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