Roman building & ditches, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

The possible remains of a Roman building were found during an excavation. Three Roman ditches and a cremation burial were also found at this site, which is situated east of Priory Road, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 Observation of the foundation trench for a conservatory in 1977 revealed a cobbled surface and pottery finds indicating intensive occupation this far N of the town centre, from the C2. This was recorded by D Ford for the Alcester Excavation Committee.
2 A watching brief and salvage recording by P Booth in 1981 revealed three ditches (two apparently Roman, one undated), and an isolated cremation burial, probably of ‘casket’ type and with a coin of Vespasian (AD72). The bones are very incomplete and probably those of an adolescent of less than sixteen years.
4 Noted in list of Alcester sites.
5 Bone report presumably relating to 2 above.

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