Possible Prehistoric occupation, Cryfield House Farm

Description of this historic site

Various finds may be associated with features such as post holes found during an excavation. They suggest that this may have been a settlement or occupation site during the Mesolithic or Neolithic periods. The site lies to the south of Cryfield Village.

Notes about this historic site

1 An evaluation carried out at this location recovered a concentration of Mesolithic and Neolithic finds. The excavators believe that a number of undated archaeological features, including post holes, identified on site are most likely to be associated with the Prehistoric finds, and that the evidence suggests there may be an area of intense settlement nearby. Results of environmental analysis awaited.
2 Part of the University of Warwick archaeological assessment. This site showed as a cropmark initially. The assessment also produced further evidence of several phases of occupation on and around the Cryfield House site (see WA 8344).

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