Site of Roman Settlement 300m SE of Stoke Hill Barn

Description of this historic site

A Roman settlement indicated by a scatter of pottery and roofing tile. The site is located 300m south of Stoke Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 A group of 274 Roman sherds brought into Warwick Museum. This pottery seems to have a 2nd – 4th century date range and may commence only in the later 2nd century. This site also produced tile, suggesting the presence of a building. The site also had an unusually high proportion of Samian ware and other pottery such as fine wares, mortaria and white wares which might suggest a relatively high status site – certainly a reasonably prosperous farm.
2 4 pieces of Roman roofing tile, at least one being a tegula fragment, and 10 sherds of Roman coarseware pottery, found at SP 19 42.

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