Site of Post Medieval Mansion at Wroxall 'Abbey'

Description of this historic site

The site of a country house that was built during the Post Medieval period. It occupied the site of Wroxall Abbey and the remains of the abbey buildings may have been incorporated into the house. It was situated 600m south east of Wroxall.

Notes about this historic site

1 The house built by the Burgoynes about the end of the 16th century occupied the site of the whole W end of the cloisters. It had symmetrical wings projecting W, with a porch in the angle of the S wing and the hall block. The E elevation was half-timbered and probably earlier, perhaps retaining some of the monastic masonry in its lower storey. The whole was demolished by James Dugdale in 1864. The present house is entirely modern.
2 Drawing of c1820.
3The house was built on the site of the western range of the nunnery cloister. The eastern elevation was of half timber constructionand is thought to have retained some monastic masonry within its fabric. The eastern and southern claustral ranges are thought to have been adapted for domestic use during the 16th century. In 1861 the Wroxall estate was sold to James Dugdale. The post-Dissolution house, along with most of the claustral buildings were demolished in c.1864.

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