Castle Farm, Wolscott

Description of this historic site

A house that was originally built during the Medieval period. Near the house there is a series of earthworks that may represent the remains of a hollow way and house platforms. The site is located between Woolscott and Grandburgh.

Notes about this historic site

1 Castle Farm is called Woolscott Castle on a Tithe Map from 1849.
2 The older part of the house is 17th century stonework built in an unusual manner with alternate courses of brown marlstone and white limestone.
3 Some Medieval, Post Medieval pottery, 2 decorated clay pipe bowls, and flints were found in a field adjoining the farm. Also in a field on the opposite side of the road there are earthworks which may represent the remains of a homestead which existed in 1849, or an even earlier desertion. See also Woolscott DMV (WA 3024).

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