Deserted Medieval Settlement at Nuthurst

Description of this historic site

The site of a deserted settlement of Medieval or Post Medieval date and known from documentary evidence and finds of pottery. The earthworks visible include house platforms, hollow ways and ridge and furrow. The site is located 600m north east of Kemps Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 The field name ‘Town Close’ indicates possible site of deserted settlement. Further investigation revealed possible house platforms. Various documents exist relating to the history of the manor.
2 The earthworks include house crofts, with associated ridge and furrow. The field is called ‘Bencrofts’ and this is alongside a field called ‘Town Close’. Old Nuthurst is recorded in 1360 and the earthworks could represent the site of this village. A resistivity survey and small scale excavation were conducted to assess the suggestion. A section was cut through a roadside croft perimeter bank. This produced 14th century to 17th century pottery. The earthworks are probably the remains of a late Medieval and Post Medieval settlement rather than an Early Medieval one and it may be necessary to look for the site of ‘Old Nuthurst’ elsewhere.
4 The earthworks are fairly extensive and comprise large raised platforms connected by a series of hollow ways and upon which some house platforms may be discerned. The limited evidence of excavation is not sufficient to discount the possibility that this is the deserted village of Old Nuthurst.

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