Site of Windmill 300m SE of Lodge Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a post mill, a windmill mounted on a post. It was in use during the Imperial period and is marked on a tithe map of 1849, although it may have been built before this. The post mill was situated 600m north east of Lower Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Windmill marked on the 1849 Tithe Map. Medieval (or later). Post mill. A mill at Woolscott is recorded in 1668 and may be the same mill (but see PRN 3034).
2 No trace to indicate the mill’s exact location.
3 On a site visit to Lodge Farm Ed Wilson Planning Archaeologist reported that the location for WA3017 is incorrect; it is not the highest part of the field and has ridge and furrow over it. An area ‘C’ is the highest part of the field but seems too slight a bump to be a mill mound. Area ‘A’ could be a small mill mound and has lumps of rough stone emerging from the grass. Area ‘B’ looks convincing as a mill mound and may well be the mill referreenced by the WA3017 map name.

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