Site of Medieval Settlement 400m N of Botley Hill Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of a deserted settlement dating to the Medieval period. Aerial photographs revealed a house platform. The site was excavated and Medieval pottery and tile was discovered. The site is located 700m north of Blunt's Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 1971: An aerial survey revealed two features. The first appeared to be the N and W sides of a possible house platform; the second a curvilinear crop mark. In 1971 the field was ploughed for the first time in living memory and excavation undertaken. The field was walked and Medieval pottery found close to the platform. An area at the NW corner of the platform was excavated revealing a clay-built platform. The identification of this as a house platform requires further investigation. Medieval pottery and tile were recorded from all levels. Two glazed sherds were possibly 13th century. There were also some Romano British sherds. The curvilinear crop mark proved to be a band of gravel 2m wide.

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