'Netherend' Shrunken Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The site of a deserted settlement dating to the Medieval period. Documentary evidence suggests that this settlement was called Netherend. The remains of houses, crofts and boundaries are visible as earthworks. It is located 600m north west of the church, Chesterton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Part of an extensive earthwork complex including some crofts and houses among a maze of post-depopulation paddocks and pens. To the N of Chesterton Green a strikingly regular pattern of rectangular crofts lines either side of the drive to Lodge Farm. An inspection of the site after the first ploughing of the field W of the drive, in 1970, revealed substantial rubble scatters but surprisingly small quantities of Medieval pottery, none of which was particularly early. This may represent a relatively late, formally-planned extension or replacement for the earlier nuclei. By process of elimination the name ‘Netherend’ recorded in 1319 may tentatively be attached to this part of the village.
2 Plan.
3 Lodge Farm is location of main medieval village of Chesterton Magna. Toft and croft stone foundations and boundary earthworks clearly visible, giving terraced effect upslope, in Town Close Meadow (site occupied by Chicken coops) and Wights Meadow. Driveway down to Lodge Farm represents former street green (near the school).
4 Various air photgraphs.
5 A scatter of Medieval pottery, bone, slag and floor tile was found during field survey in 1992 at SP3558, W of Lodge Farm.
6 One part of a floor tile of a rose design was found at SP3558 during the 1992 work.

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