Anglo Saxon cemetery SE of The Hollows

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a cemetery dating to the Migration period. It is situated 1km south east of The Hollows.

Notes about this historic site

1 1836: An urn of black clay was dug up c197m E of the King Stone. It contained bits of burnt bone and the ‘blade of an old razor’ – probably an Anglo Saxon knife. A ribbed bronze annular brooch, found by the jaw of a skeleton, a ring the same size as the brooch, and seven glass beads were found at the same time and place. The labourers also recalled round flattish pieces of brass – ? a saucer brooch. 1854: About twelve skeletons were found, the head of one was pointing W. Skeletons were also found on the other side of the road, towards the Five Knights. 1854: A skeleton was found E of the Five Knights. It lay with its head to the W, and by its side was a large stone.
2 The siting of the cemetery close to the Rollright Monuments and its location near the junction of three parish boundaries may be relevant.

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