Bronze Age burial & beaker, Leamington Spa

Description of this historic site

A burial and a drinking cup dating to the Bronze Age were found in Lillington.

Notes about this historic site

1 Human skull, drinking cup and spindle-whorl found at Lillington.
3 A ‘C’ Beaker in Warwick Museum is said to be the drinking cup referred to. The association of beaker and spindle-whorl could not be accounted for and it must be assumed that these objects were found separately. The exact provenance is not known.
4 Beaker is said to have been held previously by SS.
5 Neolithic. Bell beaker, type N/MR.
6 A skull and cup found in Lillington gravel pit at 1.4m below the ground surface. Stanley suggests that they were associated and his description definitely refers to the beaker
8 The spindle whorl is not mentioned and it seems likely that this was the Saxon example (PRN 1382). The most likely location for the Lillington gravel pit is at the above grid reference. A sand pit is marked here on the OS 1938-9 1:10560.
9 1939 OS Map.

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