Site of Cemetery at Offchurch Bury

Description of this historic site

The site of a cemetery which dates back to at least the Post Medieval period. It is located 1km east of the golf course, Newbold Comyn.

Notes about this historic site

1 A large quantity of human bones were found on excavating for a sunken fence in front of Offchurch Bury, but no accurate observations were made thereon. The ground seems to have been a common cemetery.
2 1957: A swimming pool was dug on site of E part of S wing of house and at least nine skeletons (parts of) found at about 0.9m. Said to have been lying N-S, but uncertain whether they were undisturbed as the foundations there included Medieval carved stones. No finds were recorded with the skeletons. A ?gardener told owners of the Bury that skeletons had also been found in the shrubbery NE of the pool in the past.
3 In 1542 the premises included a burial ground.

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