Site of Romano-British Cemetery at Oversley, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

The site of a Roman cemetery located west of Oversley Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Human remains (vertebrae) discovered in 1927 and 1928 beneath 2.4m of marl. These were found while the water level was lowered. It was thought the deposits might be post glacial. Later more bones and skulls at 2.5m and another backbone at 1.8m.
3 April 1958, following the heavy flooding which had caused erosion two human skeletons were revealed in the right bank at about 1.8m below the level of the present meadow. Both were horizontal and fully extended. Iron nails and Roman sherds were closely associated.
4 Chance finds were also made 1976-83.
5 Finds from 1976-83 included fragments of a number of skeletons, pottery and animal bone fragments.
6 More information related to 1. Human remains (verterbrae) were discovered by Davis beneath 8ft of marl, on the N Bank fo the R Arrow, Lench meadow, 30 yds from footpath. Professor Brash, Anatomy Dept, Brimingham University, thought the deopists might be early post-glacial, 10,000 years old. No flints or shells in the deposits, according to Davis.
7 No geophysical evidence for the cemetery was picked up during the 2009 survey. This is because of the depth of the burials. One possible explanation for the depth could be that the burials were interred within the fill of a defensive ditch that has been encroached on by the river.

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