Site of Watermill on the River Alne 400m north-east of Hobditch Coppice

Description of this historic site

A survey of the earthworks at this site suggests that this was possibly the site of a watermill with an associated millpond, hollow way and ford. The remains are all undated. They are situated on the River Alne at Ullenhall.

Notes about this historic site

1 A field which falls away sharply on three sides contains what at first appears to be a large platform. On one side is a hollow way. The NW and SW sides appear to be the bank of a large, now dry, pool. If this is so there must have been an obstruction in the river at this point. At one point the river doubles back on itself and almost forms an island. There is no documentary evidence to suggest a mill, but the survey evidence indicates that there may well have been.
2 The pool (PRN 1211) could have provided water for a mill. Several mills are recorded from 1303 onwards on the River Anker.
3 The hollow way leads from the Tanworth Road and could have served a watermill at this point.

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