Pond and Possible Moat to W of Manor House

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible Medieval moat. Some earthworks are visible 300m west of the church at Thurlaston. This area is actually a dammed pond, if there is a moat here at all, then it is a few metres to the north.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘Old Sand Pits’ marked.
2 There are several modern houses and the area is called ‘Moat Close’. There is a small pond forming part of the garden which may be the surviving traces of the sandpits or a moat.
3 On the S side of Moat Close is a ditch which is 5m wide and 1.5m deep and which at first sight could be part of a moat. The ditch, however, may be traced as a hollow way as it continues past Moat Close and down the slope into the valley.
4 Sandpits not in this area, some way to south east by road.
5 At this point the site is actually a large dammed pool, possibly a fishpond, rather than a moat. Area known as the moat is actually a few metres to the north of here.

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