Grey Mill, Aston Cantlow

Description of this historic site

Grey Mill, the remains of a brick watermill of Post Medieval date, when it may have been used for making paper. It was later used for grinding corn. The mill continued in use throughout the Imperial period. It stands 200m south east of Round Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 This may have been the paper mill operated by Thomas Fruin during the 18th century. It seems to have reverted to corn grinding in the early 19th century. Limited information on ownership exists for the 19th century. The mill ceased working c1910 and the machinery was removed at a later date. Part of the building is now used as a stable, and the small mill cottage is still occupied. The mill building is a small brick structure of three storeys. The waterwheel was mounted externally in a brick wheelhouse. The oldest section is timber-framed, and may have been part of an earlier mill.
2 The mill cottage is no longer occupied and is in a dilapidated condition.

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