Site of Baths at Willoughby House

Description of this historic site

The site of Willoughby Lodge Spa, baths which dated to the Imperial period. The baths were opened because it was believed that the water could help to cure complaints such as rheumatism. They were situated 1km south west of Willoughby.

Notes about this historic site

1 A sulphorous and saline spring was discovered around 1800 on a farm in the S of the parish and recommended for both drinking and bathing.
3 There were two bathing establishments at Willoughby: The Willoughby New Sulphureous and Saline Baths (PRN 3068) and the Willoughby Lodge Spa, which stands in the fields, about one mile from the road. The waters of this spring have been in repute, and baths built about three years ago – the quality of the waters was noticed by ‘the faculty’ 30 years ago.
4 The springs were waters tapped by wells in the Lower Lias. Willoughby Lodge Spa is now Willoughby House. The well is in the stable-yard and water is still pumped from it, but only for cleaning purposes.
5 ‘Old Bath Hotel’ marked.

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