Site of Baths, London Road

Description of this historic site

The site of the Willoughby New Sulphureous and Saline Baths, baths that date to the Imperial period. The baths were opened because it was believed that the water could help to cure complaints such as rheumatism. They were situated off Main Street, Willoughby.

Notes about this historic site

1 There were two bathing establishments in Willoughby – the Willoughby New Sulphureous and Saline Baths and the Willoughby Lodge Spa (PRN 3069). The former Bath was situated on the high road opposite the Four Crosses. These baths are recently established and Dr Rattray of Daventry expressed a favourable opinion of the efficiency of the water in ‘scrofulous, scorbutic and other cutaneous complaints; also in gout, rheumatism’ etc. The baths had already met with ‘very great patronage’.
2 The way to the baths from the village is by a rough unmade road. The baths are also also described as ‘modest’. The water is 15m from the surface. ‘The place, as I saw, wants everything to make it fit to receive visitors…’
3 The ‘spring’ was waters tapped by wells in the Lower Lias. These baths were opened in the season of 1827. No trace of these baths by the ‘Four Crosses’ now remain, nor of the building. The probable site is covered by three cottages, under the floor of one of which – but built over – is said to be the ‘Baths Well’.

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