Turnpike Road from Ryton Bridge towards Braunston

Description of this historic site

A toll road, whose upkeep was paid for by the extraction of a toll from travellers. It was established as a toll road during the Post Medieval period and continued to be used during the Imperial period. The road ran from Ryton Bridge towards Braunston.

Notes about this historic site

1 This was part of the first route in Warwickshire to be turnpiked. The section from Stony Stratford to Dunchurch was turnpiked under an Act of 1706-7 and that from Dunchurch to Meriden in 1723-4.
2 The route includes parts of roads controlled under two trusts. The first covered the Old Stratford to Dunchurch turnpike, which was the earliest turnpike in the county, its first Act being passed in 1706-7; further Acts continued to be passed until 1875. The second covered the Dunchurch to Meriden and Stonebridge road, the first Act for which was passed in 1723-4. Both sections of the route were improved in the first half of the 19th century as part of the Holyhead Road schemes. Until the early 20th century stone paving and setts survived on the Dunchurch to Old Stratford section.

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