Shrunken Medieval settlement at Willoughby

Description of this historic site

The site of the Medieval shrunken village of Willoughby. The remains of the village are visible as earthworks. The site is located to the west of Willoughby.

Notes about this historic site

1 Earthworks indicating the remains of a Medieval shrunken settlement were observed during a site visit.
2 The earthworks have been photographed from the air.
3 Area extended slightly to the SE, to include Home Farm.
4 Archaeological work at The White House, Main Street suggests no medieval buildings on that location.
5 Domesday lists Willoughby in Marton Hundred with 4 entries. The Phillimore edition has a grid reference of 51,67.
Ref 17,34 Wulfric holds 1 1/2 virgates of land in Willoughby. Land for 1 plough. It is in lordship; 2 villagers with 1 smallholder. Meadow, 1 acre. The value was and is 10s. Wulfric also held it freely.
Ref 17,37 Ordric holds 2 hides in Walcote, Willoughby and Calcutt. Land for 1 plough. In lordship however, 1 plough; 2 slaves; 4 villagers and 6 smallholders with 1 1/2 ploughs. Meadow, 6 acres. The value was 20s; now 30s. Ordric also held it freely.
Ref 17,40 Leofgeat and Godwin hold 1/2 hide in Willoughby. Land for 1 plough. It is in lordship. Meadow 2 acres. The value was and is 10s. They also hold it themselves.
Ref 18,1 Hugh of Grandmesnil holds in charge from the King 1 hide and the sixth part of 1 hide in (Hill) Morton and Willoughby. Land for 2 ploughs. 5 villagers with 1 smallholder who have 2 ploughs. The value was 20w; now 30s. Grimkell and Swein held it.

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