Romano British Settlement at 112 Tiddington Road

Description of this historic site

Further evidence for the Roman settlement at Tiddington was found during excavations. The remains of timber buildings and mid 2nd century rubbish filled pits were recorded. The site is located at 112 Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavated features Tiddington Road show that this part of the settlement was occupied from the 2nd to the later 3rd/4th century; in line with findings on the rest of the settlement, most buildings on the settlement were of timber, there being no local source of stone.
2 Archaeological excavation of four foundation trenches for a new front portico at 112 Tiddington Road revealed a group of Romano-British pits that had been backfilled with domestic rubbish including animal bone and pottery of mid-late 2nd century date. The pits, which may have included a large sump or well that was impractical to fully excavate, probably related to a further group of rubbish filled pits examined nearby in 1991. It was clear that this area of the village was used for rubbish disposal in the mid part of the 2nd century but there was no clear evidence fro use in the later part of the Romano-British period.

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