Shottery Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of the Medieval settlement of Shottery. The extent of the settlement is suggested by evidence on the Ordnance Survey map of 1886.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the Medieval settlement, based on the first edition 6″ map of 1886, 44NW, and excluding the possible shrunken area 892, and the possible deserted area 1047.
2 Not listed in Domesday.
3 Mentioned in 1252 in connection with serfdom.
4 The ridge and furrow plotting of the parish.
5 The 1886 map shows a village at the intersection of roads. A central area is enclosed by lanes. There are a few empty plots.The ridge and furrow plotting shows extensive survival to the north and to the northeast where it abuts the village.
6 Grant of 33 ‘cassati’ at Shottery in an 8th century charter with boundary clauses by King Offa.

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