Saxon Occupation near Broom

Description of this historic site

The site of a Saxon settlement dating to the Migration period. Three possible grubenhauser were discovered during an excavation. Finds from the site included pottery, loom weights and animal bone. The location of the site is 600m northwest of Broom.

Notes about this historic site

1 During field evaluation in advance of road-building, Trench 5 cut a large hollow with two postholes along its edge which contained pottery & other finds consistent with the site possibly being a Saxon grubenhaus.
2 Short interim report.
3 The Saxon settlement consisted of a group of three large, shallow, sub-rectangular grubenhauser, together with smaller pits and post-holes. A large assemblage of 785 sherds of Saxon pottery, including stamped pieces, was recovered from these features. Other finds included two loom weights, slag, and animal bone.
4 The pottery from the settlement was dated to the 6th century. One of the post-built structures could have been a hall-house.
5 Short report in WMA no 37.

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