Possible Site of Norton Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a deserted settlement dating to the Medieval or Post Medieval period. The settlement is known from documentary and place name evidence. The site is located 700m north east of Norton Lindsey.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘Norton’ occurs in Rous’ list without any further means of identification. This may refer to Norton Lindsey. The destruction of a church is recorded in 1581-90 (PRN 5440), but there were 25 houses in the 18th century and Norton Lindsey is quite large. The 1586 ‘destruction’ may be nothing more than a Puritan act of violence against a church building.
2 ‘Chapel Meadow’ and the adjacent ‘Upper Town Meadow’ on the Tithe Map suggest a possible site for this deserted village. Although now forming part of Budbrooke parish the area is still known as ‘Lower Norton’. There is a ‘Lower Town Meadow’ at SP2463 (PRN 1766) and within Norton Lindsey parish are ‘Chapel Close’ and ‘Hall Meadow’. All these fields are under grass and there are no traces of desertion in any of these.

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