Oversley Mill, Alcester

Description of this historic site

Oversley Mill, a watermill which was used from the Medieval period onwards to grind corn. It was later used as a needle mill during the Imperial period. The mill is situated 600m east of Arrow.

Notes about this historic site

1 There was a mill here in 1086, and mills in about 1155, 2 watermills and a fishery being attached to the manor in 1287. The mill is also mentioned in C16. The mill was used as a needle mill by the firm of Holyoake of Redditch from 1825 to 1844.
2 The mill seems to have reverted to corn grinding after 1844. Informaton on ownership exists for C19 and early C20. The mill became disused in 1925 and has since been used as a cattle shelter. The 3 storey brick building has been considerably altered to serve its new purpose and all the machinery, including two turbines, has been removed. Both the head and tail races have been filled in although the site of one of the turbines is still clear.
3 Oversley’s link with needlemaking is tenuous. The main structure is in red brick and probably dates from around the turn of the C19.
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