Neolithic Features found in Area E, northwest of Broom.

Description of this historic site

Excavation in advance of road development, uncovered signs of Neolithic activity, including pits, cremation pits, worked flint and polished stone axes. The site is to the northwest of Broom.

Notes about this historic site

1 An open area excavation, Area E, carried out in advance of the A435 Norton Lenchwick Bypass revealed Neolithic activity. The later Neolithic was represented by at least one cremation pit and two other pits. Two polished stone axes and a broad range of flintwork were also recovered from these pits. An environmental sample from the cremation pit revealed considerable quantities of hazel and apple, with no sign of cultivated plants.
2 Mentioned in a short report in WMA vol 37.
3 A small group of pits contained Grooved Ware pottery and/or distinctive flintwork. Cremated bone from context 839 was mostly animal with a few fragments of human bone. Six late Neolithic samples of charred plant remains, taken from context in four pits, were analysed, and two hazelnut shells were radiocarbondated. The collection of food material consisted of hazelnut shells and fruit fragments. There was no evidence of cereal cultivation.

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