Iron Age Features northwest of Wixford.

Description of this historic site

The site of ditches and pits containing early Bronze Age urn fragments and Iron Age potsherds. The site is located 800m northwest of Wixford.

Notes about this historic site

1 In this area of trenching prior to the building of A435 Bypass a ditch was uncovered which produced a concentration of Middle Iron Age pottery. These could suggest the presence of a settlement of this date in the immediate vicinity.
2 This area was subject to an open area excavation in the later part of 1993, but as the conditions were too poor, the excavation was not completed. A single ditch and two pits were examined, both were probably Early Bronze Age in date. The ditch and one of the pits contained the complete basal portions of vessels; one was almost certainly a collared urn. Approximately 10 sherds of a sandy ware were recovered; these may be Iron Age in date.
3 This area was subject to an open area excavation in 1994. Two linear ditches, a posthole and two small pits were uncovered. Pottery analysis dated all these to the Late Iron Age not the Early Bronze Age as thought above. If this was a settlement site, it seems unlikely it extended very far to the west, as the ground rises quite sharply. The site may have been occupied only seasonally, perhaps limited usage by herders engaged in seasonal grazing.

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