Late Iron Age/ early Romano British Features found in Area D, Salford Priors.

Description of this historic site

Archaeological excavation in advance of a road development uncovered a gully and post holes. These features related to at least one dwelling dating to the late Iron Age/early Romano British. The site is situated 450m north west of The Rookery.

Notes about this historic site

1 During an evaluation a concentration of features from around three trial trenches identifed a late Iron Age/early Romano British settlement which was dated by pottery and which probably fell out of use in the early Roman period. The only material found from a later Roman period was from a large ditch in one of the trenches which probably represented a later field system (MWA7456).
2 Open area excavation carried out in advance of the A435 Norton Lenchwick Bypass identified gullies and postholes representative of at least one dwelling. In the early Roman period the focus shifted southwards to a farmstead in area C1.
3 Report in WMA of the excavation at area/site D. A pennanular gully with some internal postholes was all that remained of a round house in the southern part of the area. Numerous shallow pits and gullies were also present. A number of small pits in the close vicinity were initially given a possible Bronze Age date.
4Two structures identifed and a possible third. The concentration of daub in area D presumably reflects the predominant use of wattle and daub here.

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