Medieval features at Glebe Farm, Long Itchington

Description of this historic site

During archaeological work the remains of ditches, trackways and post holes were uncovered. The features suggested that this area was occupation site of Medieval date. It was located to the west of Southam Road, Long Itchington.

Notes about this historic site

1 An evaluation carried out by Warwickshire Museum at Glebe Farm, Long Itchington in May 1992 located various features and finds representing the remains of Medieval settlement. Part of a possible Bronze Age cremation cemetery was also located (MWA 5748).
2 Eight contractor’s test pits were observed in October 1994 on the site within the medieval settlement evaluated in 1992. One modern pit or gully was observed and five 12th/13th century pottery sherds came from the topsoil.
3 Watching brief and two small-scale excavations carried out by the OAU. Further light was cast on the Medieval settlement, occupation of which may have begun in the 11th century. Features noted included drainage/boundary ditches aligned roughly NE-SW, two probable stone-surfaced trackways and the remains of possible structures. This took the form of post holes while a patch of limestone pieces to the SE of one post hole group may have been associated with it. However, no definite surfaces were located. The presence of Medieval soil horizons may suggest “gardens” or midden deposits.
4 Summary of the watching brief carried out in 1995-1996.

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