Iron Age/Romano-British site west of Fenny Compton

Description of this historic site

Iron Age and Romano-British occupation site.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site description. Ongoing work by the Feldon Archaeological Society has recorded a settlement site, first indicated by a wall uncovered by the farmer. The pottery assemblage spans the middle Iron Age to the late 4th century.
2 Description of further work.
3 A series of editions of the ‘Feldon Flyer’ an excavation diary of the FAG 2008 season at Burton Dassett; includes some photographs and plans, but mostly incidental information.
46 Interim reports on excavations carried out 2008-2011 at the site, detailing previously archaeological investigation in the area by the Feldon Archaeological Society. Contains detail on the structures, features and finds recorded by the project (please refer to these reports for further detail).

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