Possible Site of Rykmersbury Deserted Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible site of Rykmersbury Medieval deserted settlement. The site lies 500m south east of Beausale.

Notes about this historic site

1 Rous lists this destruction. Victoria County History Vol 3 places the village elsewhere (PRN 2654) and Beresford supports this.
2 The Victoria County History does not give the above location.
3 A field called Rykenylesbury was part of the 13th century endowment of Beausale Chapel. In 1545 John Coppe leased a close called Ruytonsbury or Roundtable in Beausale being called Cuckow Church land. The earthwork at Camp Hill is still known as Round Table and could be the site of Rykenylesbury.
4 Map shows an extensive series of earthworks including probable house platforms and hollow ways to the N of Camp Hill. This is probably the site of Rykmersbury.
5 Earthworks shown on map 4 visited and described: part resembles a deer leap, although siting makes this explanation unlikely.

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