Site of Poss Shrunken Med Sett'mt

Description of this historic site

Part excavation at this site uncovered evidence of occupation, possibly a Medieval shrunken village. The site is at Baginton, 50m east of the church.

Notes about this historic site

1 Work started on an unoccupied garden site behind the school house. Results up to date are a complex of small post holes with later pits. Among other pits found one was Roman. Part of a dry wall was excavated and pottery of Roman and Medieval date was found.
2 Work continued. Further scraping has revealed ‘innumerable’ stake holes which suggest a circular enclosure about 3m across and a complex of other features. The earliest pottery seems to be Roman.
3 An adjacent area of the unoccupied garden has been opened. Pottery has been plentiful giving a sequence from Medieval times to the 19th century. A dry wall of red sandstone was apparently joined at right-angles by one, badly-robbed, of grey sandstone. These seem to have enclosed an area of daub pierced by stakeholes and square post holes.
4 Excavation revealed further Medieval occupation with clay floors.
5 Excavation of a further extension of the (stone) wall was uncompleted.
6 The recording of these ‘digs’ was minimal and should not be relied on.

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