Leek Wootton Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The site of the Medieval deserted settlement of Leek Wootton. An excavation of the site showed Medieval period activity including a hollow way, house platform and enclosures. The site lies under houses on Tidmarsh Road and The Hamlet.

Notes about this historic site

1 Rescue excavation in advance of the construction of a housing estate on part of the deserted settlement. Surface indications included a hollow way running E-W along the S of the site, with two more joining it at right angles to the N. Between the hollow ways were apparent house platforms. A number of trenches were excavated. Platform 1 was built up with sand which contained pottery which was provisionally dated to the 13th – 14th century. A hollow way proved to be a yard associated with the cottage. A slot and a ditch were recorded between the platform and hollow way. Platform 2 was composed of sand with pottery of the same date. The hollow way was not traced but two parallel ditches were found. Several other ditches and slots were examined. At least two ditched enclosures of the Medieval period are represented. The S enclosure probably surrounded buildings of some sort, while the N enclosure had a double ditch with a palisade on the inside. At a later date another ditch was dug in the N enclosure; by this time the S enclosure had been levelled.
3 The conclusion of the excavation was that there were at least two ditched enclosures of the medieval period – a southern enclosure perhaps surrounding buildings of some sort, with a palisade on the inside. At a later date another ditch was dug within the existing northern enclosure. During the excavation some pottery was found which was provisionally dated to 13th/14th century. Some animal bone was also found.
4 The site is now built on. This excavation together with another site which has surface features indicating earlier occupation (see WA 2554) would suggest that Leek Wootton was a larger settlement in Medieval and Post Medieval times.
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