Compton Wynyates Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The Medieval deserted settlement of Compton Wynyates. The settlement is known from documentary evidence and it also partly survives as an earthwork. It was situated 1km north west of Windmill Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 The former village was called Compton Superior. Three people were expelled in 1501 and twenty more when the park was made in 1512. In 1510 Sir William Compton had a patent permitting the enclosure of 2000 acres (PRN 2097). The Tithe Award shows Upper and Lower Town fields to the N of the stream, by Compton Wynyates Farm, some way from the house.
2 Very good archaeological evidence (A), excellent documentary evidence. (1*).
3 At the above grid reference is an area with disturbance indicative of desertion. No surveyable remains.
4 House platforms are visible.
6 This site has always been known in the estate as Lower Compton and the late Marquess referred throughout to the area surrounding Compton Wynyates House as Upper Compton.
7 Aerial Photographs.
8 C13 DMV at this location – no details
9 A post medieval buckle was found within this DMS at 32324286 and brought to the Museum for identification in 1995.