Medieval ditch

Description of this historic site

A Medieval ditch was found during an excavation. Various finds were recovered from the ditch, including fragments of animal bone and pottery. The ditch was situated north of the church at Brownsover.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavation in 1953 of an earthwork (see PRN 3391). Animal bones, late 13th century or early 14th century pottery, 14th century green glazed handled jug fragment and two sherds of St Neots Ware (identified by Bruce Mitford). No stratification – finds scattered throughout ditch. The ditch itself was shallow and flat-bottomed, without ramparts and probably not defensive.
2 1954: Shallow ditch outside that dug in 1953 was trenched. Similar results and more St Neots ware with finds of a generally earlier nature than those of the previous year. Sherds of 10th century and 11th century down to 13th century and 14th century.
3 The Rugby School reports are not to be relied on for the dating of finds, unless substantiated.

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