Excavations at Barrack Street, Warwick

Description of this historic site

Evidence of the Medieval northern defences and suburban occupation of Warwick was uncovered during archaeological work. Ditches, wells, cess and rubbish pits and pottery, some decorated, were found on the north side of Barrack Street.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavations carried out in 1972 between Joyce Pool and Barrack Street, in advance of redevelopment, revealed substantial traces of the northern defences of the town. These included a robber trench on the line of the 14th century town wall; evidence of 13th century dwellings along Barrack Street; and the late 11th century town ditch with a timber palisade. In the pottery recovered, several types have been observed, and examples of specific wares identified. Two finely decorated jugs were found, one of Worcester ‘B’ Ware and one from the Oxford region. The more general pottery types are those found commonly in the West Midlands from c1100 to c1400. Offprint in FI file.
2 The distribution of wells, cess and rubbish pits outside the ditch has partially revealed the layout of the medieval suburban settlement over a one acre area.
3 Letter from 1972 describing work in progress.
4 Brief summary of 1972 work.
5 Full report.
6 Excavation notebook.

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