Ice House 400m northwest of the church at Newbold Pacey

Description of this historic site

The site of an icehouse which was built during the Imperial period of which only the round brick wall remains. It is situated 400m north west of the church, Newbold Pacey.

Notes about this historic site

1 There is an icehouse at Newbold Pacey. Captain G J Little of Newbold Pacey House, with which residence the icehouse is connected, is of the opinion that it was built about 1805. Captain Little also stated that the pit adjoining the ice house had never held water for making ice in his lifetime. As a matter of fact, the pit is riddled with rabbit holes. The outer door to the house was partly burned when occupied during the war. The ice house has recently been used as a store for hay.
2 The icehouse has now fallen in completely with only the round brick wall beneath ground level and a part of the brick arch over the inside door remaining. Nothing remains of the doorway.
3 The icehouse is still in similar condition to the description in 2. It is surrounded by somehwat overgrown vegetation.
4 Beamon and Roaf report that there have been suggestions that the ice house was built around 1805. The ice house has had a subsequent use a a store for hay.

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