Excavation of Roman-British features at Manor Farm House

Description of this historic site

Excavations took place within the Roman Fort at Mancetter. Post holes were recorded suggesting that buildings had stood at this site. Various finds were recovered including pottery and coins. The site was located west of Quarry Lane, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 Parts of two amphorae found during the digging of a post hole. A small excavation was undertaken resulting in the discovery of part of a timber building with a rack for the storage of amphorae in an upright position. Further excavation of the front lawn area produced Medieval features (PRN 6423). It was impossible within the area excavated to determine a structural sequence for the Roman phase. Indications are that three or more phases existed. Slots and post holes indicated a number of buildings. Finds included Samian, mortaria, a spearhead, part of a ring, a bead, lorica segmentata and coins of Constantine (330-6), Tiberius (14-37) and a Republican coin (54BC).
2 The latest Roman levels are represented by a gravel pavement probably 4th century sealing at least four phases of 1st century military structures. Finds include 6 coins (2 silver, 4 bronze), pieces of lorica segmentata, military bronzes, bronze dolphin jug handle, glass face mask from a jug and a few Roman sherds.
3 Interim report for 1977.
4 Interim report for 1978.
5 Site description.
6 Plans.
7 Correspondence.
8 Noted; 1st-century fort; timber structures in interior, possibly 4 phases of occupation.

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