Roman Building, Chantry Crescent, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

The remains of post holes and a wall, found during an excavation, suggest that a building existed on this site during the Roman period. A Roman ditch was also found. Finds included pottery and evidence for metal working. The site was located on Chantry Crescent.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavation in 1956-8 in the field W of Birch Abbey – a complicated series of post holes, slots and gullies, cut into the levelled natural clay and associated with rustic ware and traces of wattle and daub, had subsequently been covered with a 0.2 M cobble layer ending in a ditch which contained evidence of metalworking. The angle of a poorly constructed wall on well-built foundations, a pebbled area, and two large post holes indicate the location of a substantial building. [This reference is wrong. Only site mentioned on this page is Hughes Site C which is MWA3173. Location and dates described suggest Hughes Site B, passing mention on p.12 but no detail. Don’t know where this information from. MjA 25/5/2007]
2 [Again no certain mention of this site on this page. MjA ditto]
3 Within the Scheduled area.

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