Medieval Agricultural Features, Wishaw Hall Farm, Wishaw

Description of this historic site

A Medieval lynchet and other features associated with agricultural use of this area in the Medieval period, were uncovered near Grove Lane, Wishaw during site excavations connected with the Birmingham Northern Relief Road project.

Notes about this historic site

1 A lynchet was uncovered in the east of the site with colluvium banked up against it and ridge and furrow further up slope. The remains are believed to be Medieval in date.
2 A lynchet lay on, and had exaggerated a slight natural break in, the hillslope. This feature is most likely to have developed from a medieval land boundary, and may originally have defined the southern limits of the strip fields that formerly lay immediately to the north-west. Other features, such as an enclosure, 5 small pits and a pond/watering hole indicate and wholly agricultural land use on the north side of the stream, distinctly different to that on the south side (site 20).

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