Atherstone Cemetery, Atherstone

Description of this historic site

Cemetery with shrubbery, topiary yews, clipped hollies and a number of funerary monuments. Recommendation for inclusion in theLocal List by Lovie.

Notes about this historic site

12 Cemetery in Sheepy Road established 1870.
Original site laid out on a simple grid plan with avenues along the main walks. Shrubbery planting concentrated along roadside boundary to the east. Clipped hollies, topiary yews and specimen confers survive in well-kept site. Central path features a rond-point of clipped rhododendrons enclosing two seats.
There are a number of interesting monuments including an obelisk to the Bracebridge family and a War Memorial.
Lovie reports that illustrations show the existence of a lodge, later demolished and replaced by a modern house, standing at the principal entrance, but no chapel appears to have been provided.
To the west there is a large 20th century extension to the cemetery.
Recommendation for inclusion in the local list by Lovie.

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