Ninteenth Century Tenement Yard Houses, Station Street, Atherstone

Description of this historic site

Excavation carried out prior to development of the former factory site at Station Street, Atherstone focused upon the 19th century tenement yard houses and industrial buildings that were depicted on the 1st edition OS map of the area.

Notes about this historic site

1 The excavation uncovered four houses in Cordingley’s Yard and two more backing onto these in Bingham’s Row. The foundations of two houses within Ver’s Terrace were also located. Also recorded were late 19th century industrial buildings that had later been converted into houses. The general design and layout of these buildings appears to be almost identical. The neighbouring house in in a row is a mirror image of the previous , while the row behind appeared to mirror the one in front. These tenements show little remodelling or rebuilding over their lifespan except for some basic maintenance and repair.

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