Two-stroke 'Fun'

Journeys around and from Warwickshire

A scootacar.
Photo by Philip (flip) Kromer. Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.5.

My first car was a Scootacar, which I owned when I lived in Coventry. I bought this from my sister’s work colleague in about 1966 for £35, which I borrowed from my father.

It was a three-wheel car with a Villiers 197cc motorcycle engine and was alleged to be capable of 55 mph. Although I tried my utmost, I never managed to exceed 50mph. It was not the vehicle for the smart man around town as it was certain that, wherever I went in it, I would arrive covered in oil from some roadside repair necessary en-route.

I have to admit it wasn’t the best for getting around Warwickshire. We went to Stretton from Coventry to see my sister; myself, my now-wife, and a friend in the back! What’s more, we had to carry a massive record player as well. We also broke down in Withybrook once, when the chassis split in two and my Dad had to come out from Coventry to rescue us!

The longest journey

The longest journey I attempted was to take my girlfriend to visit my aunt in Swindon. It was one of the most arduous ‘trips’ I’ve ever undertaken. Stowe Hill was climbed in first gear at about 5mph with a queue of dozens of frustrated motorists behind, and pedestrians walking past us.

The journey had a happier aspect as the girlfriend met with approval from my aunt and is now my wife.

There’s another Warwickshire link, as apparently Bluemel reflectors were fitted below the rear lights. It says a lot about the car that these came from a child’s bicycle.

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