Co-op Hall, Nuneaton

My Dad worked there – he started off with a horse and cart with the milk when he was 17 and he later worked on the Co-op Mutuality Club (a voucher system). He worked there until he was 65. My grandparents were life members of the co-op. During the war, my mum worked in the cheque office. They had a tube system for the cheques and cash, they put it in a little tube and then down came the change.

Turning up the Beatles

I later worked in the pharmacy selling stationery when I was at school on a Saturday. I faced the record department where they had the booths, and on weekend they would turn up the volume for records so we could hear the Beatles and Jerry and the Pacemakers and other groups.

I married in 1969 and we had our reception for our wedding in the “supper room” upstairs off the bar. We had about 36 guests and I still have a copy of the bill and menu.

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