Harbury Co-op Prices During World War Two

High Street Harbury, showing Co-op on right.
Image courtesy of Harbury Heritage Group

By 1939 the Co-op employed 18 people including Mr. Honiwell (the Manager), Mr. Carter (the Head Shopman), Mr. S. Knight (the Secretary), Mrs. Holder (the Draper), Mr. A. Austin and Mr. D. Robbins (Grocers), Mr. J. Bloxham (the Baker), and Mr. B. Fell (the Bread Deliverer).

The Co-op delivered to most outlying villages using three grey vans from Soans and a coal lorry. Mr. Honiwell would also stand in for Rev. Capps, during his absence from church.

Price list

  • Bacon 9d. per lb.
  • Butter 6d. per ½ lb.
  • Salt block 1d.
  • Sugar 4d. per lb.
  • Bisto gravy 1d.
  • Cottage loaf 4d.
  • Beer 4d. per pint
  • Whisky 10s 6d. per bottle
  • Cherries 9d. per lb.
  • Rice 4d. per lb.
  • Ladies’ shoes 12s.6d. per pair
  • Paper or comic 1d.
  • Liquorice ¼ d. per lace
  • Washing powder 2d.
  • Chocolate ½ d., 1d.,2d.
  • Saucepans 10s.6d. for 6
  • Lux soap 2d.
  • Tea 4d. per quarter lb.
  • Milk 2d. per pint
  • Beef 2s.6d. per lb.
  • Dress £1.10s.0d.
  • Coat £1.10.0d.


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