Archaeological Information and Advice (AIA)

Archaeological Information and Advice (AIA) helps protect and manage Warwickshire’s Historic Environment by providing specialist archaeological advice in response to land use change and land management. AIA maintains the Historic Environment Record bringing together information about Warwickshire’s historic and archaeological sites and finds. This is made available to the public through the service’s website and to visitors by appointment.

Historic Environment Record

The Historic Environment Record (HER) is a record of all the historic and archaeological sites and finds within the county. Accessed through a computer and map based system, the record incorporates a wide range of sources, including aerial photographs, published and unpublished material, and historic and modern maps.

The HER has a number of functions:

  • To maintain and enhance the record of historic and archaeological sites
  • To operate a public information service
  • To provide information to planning archaeologists and consultants, government bodies such as English Heritage, forestry and agricultural bodies, the public utilities, local research groups, landowners and developers.
  • To actively promote local archaeology to the community through lectures, open days, organised events and talks.
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